HOLLYWOOD—What happened to the Grammys, this year? While it had some great performances, the younger generation said, it was sort of boring. Taylor Swift’s performance was superb. Adele’s performance was pitchy, due to technical difficulties , according to the singer. Lady Gaga’s performance was brilliant. It was the Grammys lowest audience in seven years.

The Nielsen ratings company said the music event, on CBS, pulled in an average of 24.95 million viewers. Apparently down 300,000 from the 2015 ceremony, which was then the smallest Grammys audience since 2009. They should have kept it on Sunday, but since it was Valentine’s Day, they probably figured they wouldn’t have a big audience.

Huge mistake. CBS added, the live awards show hosted by LL Cool J, was still the most watched entertainment show on US television so far this year. The Super Bowl, classed as a sports event drew in 112 million viewers on February 7, thus far making it the most-watched TV show of the year.

Kendrick Lamar won the most accolades with five awards, while Ed Sheeran won two Grammys for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo performance for his number one hit “Thinking Out Loud.” Taylor Swift’s “1989” won the coveted Album of the Year and she also won Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Music Video from her track “Bad Blood.”

Gwen Stefani released another track from her forthcoming album. “Make Me Like You,” the second single from “This is What Truth Looks Like,” is an upbeat, bouncy pop tune and more buoyant than her first track, “Used to Love You.” Of course, there’s been speculation it’s about her new boyfriend, Blake Shelton. She made history by recording the music video live from the Grammys on February 15, the first time that’s ever been done.

Some after parties were held at the Argyle and the Hyde, where the Weeknd was celebrating his pre-birthday, with his girlfriend Bella Hadid. Abel Makkonen Tesfaye (Weeknd) was born on February 16, and his birthday gift was a brand new spanking orange McClaren.

While celebrities are partying away, the “nanny attraction,” is tearing up some Hollywood marriages. The ongoing trend of nanny cheating husband phenomenon is not new to just Hollywood celebs, and not limited to celebrities. Look what happened to the marriages of Gavin Rosdale and Gwen Stefani and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner over alleged nanny attraction.

Nowadays, nannies are being screened, not just by interviews and a reference check, but also by using common sense. If you decide to hire a hot nanny, just know that you’re bringing sand to the beach and you’re bringing competition into your home. Some families do go as far as to have written contract agreements that they lay out rules and boundaries between nannies and the family, besides surveillance video.

According to Page Six, despite their divorce and much-dissected, alleged affair with the nanny, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are on an amicable, cozy ski vacation together with Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen in Montana. Despite the fact that Affleck’s nanny Christine Ouzounian was famously photographed on the actor’s chartered jet wearing the QB’s Super Bowl rings. The Hollywood couple and their children are at the exclusive Yellowstone Club in Big Sky along with Tom and Gisele. The Yellowstone is a favorite among celebrities, because it’s very private and only those who own homes there, plus their guests are allowed to ski on the mountains.

Rose’s Scoop: Anyone who is tuning in to the FX series “The People v. O..J. Simpson” on Tuesday night’s episode, February 16, had the viewers wondering if this was the first time the curse word had ever been said on cable. I was pretty shocked, but I did hear it. Seems like even if you witnessed the live version of the O.J. Simpson trial, viewers are still tuning in.