BEVELRY HILLS—Los Angeles District Attorney, George Gascon is facing increasing recall attempts after victims advocacy groups accuse him of waiving sentences for known criminals and felons leading to an increase in crime.

On Friday, May 6, Gascon waived felony charges filed against, Isaiah Lee who also goes by the name, NoName Trapper. Lee rushed the stage at the Hollywood Bowl Arena attacking comedian Dave Chappelle and was possession of a replica gun with a knife attached.  After being removed by security, he was arrested and booked on felony charges.

Gascon decided the case did not meet the criteria for a felony charge. Lee was advised by a LA County judge to stay away from Chappelle and the Hollywood Bowl Arena.

Los Angeles City Attorney, Mike Feuer’s office charged Chappelle’s attacker with four misdemeanors, where he is housed at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility on a $30,000 bail.


“We request that DA Gascón reconsider, correct this mistake and charge this as a felony. This is what Mr. Chappelle wants. Mr. Chappelle wants this case charged as a felony. Entertainers in Los Angeles need to know that the justice system will protect them on stage,” said Chappelle’s attorney, Gabriel Golwell to Rolling Stone magazine.

Victims and victim advocacy groups are leaders in the must have 566,857 signatures to push a recall election against Gascon. A total of 400,000 have been collected.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva claims there has been a 34 percent increase in homicide, 15.5 percent in violent crimes, and 67 percent in shooting victims since Gascon took office.

On March 17, 2021, the newly elected DA told reporters, “In three months, I have cut prison sentences by more than 8,000 years.”

In April 2022, reports circulated of known gang member Angel Hernandez, who pled guilty to murdering a marijuana delivery driver. He indicated he was released from prison he’d have Gascon’s likeness tattooed onto his body.

In August 2020, a mother on trial for torturing and murdering her four-year-old daughter was facing three felony charges. The charges would have resulted in 25 years in prison. Gascon attempted to strike the first two felony charges, to reduce the defendant’s prison time.