BEVERLY HILLS—On January 22, the Beverly Hills City Council announced the results of a forum that took place on January 11. Reports indicate that all the 10 candidates, nine Democrats, and one Republican running for a position on the city council were present. Each prospective candidate had the opportunity to share their vision for Beverly Hills.

The forum was divided into two panels with each panelist given the opportunity to give an opening statement. The first panel included Alissa Roston, Tiffany Davis, Craig Corman, Nooshin Mesha Katy, and Mary Wells.

The second panel included Robin Rowe, and Myra Demeter.

Beverly Hills City Building

Chairman of the Board, David Mirharooni and Board then asked questions of the candidates following the opening remarks.

Craig Corman spoke on the certification of the housing element relying only on commercial developments. Development, affordable housing, zoning, and public safety were among the other topics brought up for discussion.

Free Palestine Demonstrators

Myra Demeter spoke out on the increase in violence following the recent Israeli attacks.

“Our city is under attack. I feel I am doing what I can, and I would like everybody else here to use their voice or to do what they can to fight to fight antisemitism.”

District Attorney George Gascon mentioned that the recent increase in patrol “could make a local difference.”

The following information came directly from the BH City Council webpage.

“The citizens of Beverly Hills elect five City Councilmembers to serve four-year terms. From within their membership, the Council then appoints a mayor and vice mayor, with both positions rotating each year. The mayor acts as the presiding officer at meetings and the Council’s ceremonial representative at public events.

Collectively, the City Council is responsible for establishing policies, adopting an annual budget, enacting local laws, and providing vision and goals to the city manager.”

The city council meets at the Beverly Hills City Council, Rm. 400 located at 455 Rexford Drive in Beverly Hills.