HOLLYWOOD—Oh my God, are we seriously having to endure this yet again “The Bold and Beautiful” fans? I mean after more than a decade of the Liam, Hope and Steffy love triangle, in sweeps Dr. John Finnegan, who swept Steffy off her feet and away from Liam. However, in a moment of stupidity, Hope decided to develop these unwarranted feelings for a man who kept her daughter a secret for months and kissed him. Liam caught it and immediately turned to Steffy.

Look, let’s kill this tale of Hope saying her marriage is doomed because of Liam’s ties to Steffy. That is absolute bulls***. Hope, own up to the fact that you have a torch for Thomas on a lustful level. I would accept that way more than this mess the writers are trying to feed us that just makes no sense. Finn was smart to call out Liam to Steffy before everything blew up in their marriage. Steffy had every right to be irate after learning Kelly almost drowned at the beach as a result of Finn turning his back. It led to her moving out of the beach house, after learning Sheila of all people rescued her daughter.

It confirmed what Steffy feared; Sheila is watching her family, which means she’s in danger. Steffy did her best to reason with Finn about him severing ties with his homicidal mother. Finn got it, but I don’t think he really got it. While Finn faced a tongue lashing from Ridge and Li, Steffy was battling her emotions as Liam confessed his feelings. You went from calling Hope the love of your life a month ago, to Steffy being the one who got away? Make it make sense.

I loved that confrontation between Finn and Liam though. Finn made it clear he planned to fight for his marriage and put Liam on notice. The only thing Finn needed to do was deliver a direct punch to Liam’s face to make it clear. Enough is enough and he needs to stop pining after Steffy. Liam joked and laughed it off, but it would be fun to see a brawl between Liam and Finn over Steffy’s heart.

Steffy let me just say this. Liam left you with the snap of a finger for Hope. You are better off with Finn, who is solely committed to you. Ridge quizzed Liam about his love for Steffy and it was clear that Ridge might be team Liam, but I suspect Taylor will say Finn is the one, and she did just that after having a war of words with Ridge. Taylor is seeing logic, and the toxicity that existed between Liam and Steffy for all those years as he waffled back and forth.

Right now, the talk of the hour is the Liam, Steffy and Finn triangle and I’m bored with this. I do not want to continue to see the same storyline recycled over and over and over again. It just makes for boring TV, and I want a lot more when it comes to my soap operas. Not the same thing year after year and hoping the viewers will just fall for it because the writers are lazy.

Feels like “The Bold and the Beautiful” forgot they have other characters, hmm, let’s see, Brooke, Bill Spencer, Wyatt, Katie Logan, Zende, Paris, Thomas, Taylor, Deacon, Sheila, the list goes on and on. For the Hope and Thomas affair to happen and fizzle so quickly makes me wonder if that move was a mistake on the writers all along. It certainly feels like it is America, and it feels like the Steffy and Liam show and it’s making me get ready to change the channel.