HOLLYWOOD—Sharon McNight, a cabaret icon, spent many years researching and writing “The Sophie Tucker Songbook” after a lifetime of admiration for the show business legend. The “Sophie Tucker Songbook” made its debut at New York’s Rainbow and Stars and received rave reviews and an extended engagement. In the coming decade, the “Sophie Tucker Songbook” cabaret version played leading venues in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, Festival of Two Worlds, Santa Fe, Portland and others.

Once was never enough for the audiences of those cities and return, extended engagements were the order of the day. Never satisfied with limiting Sophie to cabarets. Sharon continued to develop the script and include additional songs resulting in a full theater piece and named, “Red Hot Mama.” As a theater piece, the show opened at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and was originally booked for three months. The show was extended and ran for an additional three months. Sharon’s ultimate dream was to take “Red Hot Mama” off-Broadway and in 2002 that dream became reality when the New York Theater Company presented the show at the Lexington Avenue Theater. Today there are three editions of the “Sophie Tucker Show”: the original “Sophie Tucker Songbook,” “Red Hot Mama” for theatre, and highlights of the off-Broadway hit “Red Hot Mama” (an abbreviated version). All three shows are touring in cabarets, theaters and concert halls across America.
WHEN: Sunday, October 10 and Monday, October 11 – Show 8 p.m.

WHERE: The Inner Circle at the Magic Castle, 7001 Franklin Ave. in Hollywood

TICKETS: $25 for non-members, To purchase tickets e-mailboxoffice@magiccastle.com or call 323-851-3313 ext. 303.