LOS ANGELES—Former USC star and Heisman Trophy winner, Reggie Bush will return to the Los Angeles Coliseum on Sunday, as the Buffalo Bills do battle against the Los Angeles Rams.

Bush was investigated for accepting unsanctioned gifts from sports agent Lloyd Lake and his associates in 2004. The sprawling NCAA-led investigation questioned Bush, who at the time denied the allegations. After Lake agreed to sue Bush and cooperate with the NCAA’s investigation, Bush was held accountable by the courts.

Years later, Bush admitted the situation still bothered him stating: “It’s definitely hurtful, but it’s not the university’s fault. Obviously, it’s just part of the process, part of what took place. It’s definitely painful knowing what I did on the football field, what I did for the university and recruiting. But at the same time, it’s the memories I have there that outweigh the pain by a tremendous amount. I choose to remember the great times there.”

After the NCAA concluded its investigation, USC was put on a four-year probation period and had their wins from the 2004 and 2005 seasons forfeited. The school was also forced to give up 30 scholorships, crippling their recruiting process for years.

Bush was taken with the No. 2 pick in the 2006 draft by the New Orleans Saints, playing with the team until 2010 and winning a superbowl in the process. The former USC runningback has bounced around the league since, playing for Miami, Detroit, San Francisco and now Buffalo.