HOLLYWOOD—”Reign” just keeps bringing the thunder with the plot twists and the scheming that must have been inevitable in France while Mary and Francis ruled! As Narcisse continues to be a thorn in Francis’s royal hide, Bash is the fantastic half-brother and devises a scheme that will (hopefully) get rid of Narcisse for good, before that evil man has a chance to tear apart the monarchy.

Meanwhile, Mary tried to wed the difficult Princess Claude off to Lord Conde, fully aware that this will mean pairing Claude off to a professed Protestant…even though he really only did that to help make a point. We all know he’s secretly Catholic. Or is he?

Obviously, Claude is not going to make this easy for Mary. Claude is still as willful as ever and refuses to be forced into any marriage. She just wants to pretend she’s married to every man who smiles as he crosses her path. Mary’s going to have her hands full with this one!

With another important feast approaching, Greer, whom audiences haven’t seen lately, and are excited to have back, realizes that she is much deeper in the Protestant movement than she had originally expected. Her marriage to Lord Castleroy is going to be rocky. Especially since most followers and fans of Greer want her to be with Laith. We’ll see what happens next week! (Not that we want Castleroy to die for his newly Protestant beliefs….just go and live far , far away without Greer!)

Tune in next week. Long may she reign!