MALIBU—On Election Day, Malibu residents voted in favor of passing Measure R by a 59.27 percent vote. The measure which has been publicly backed by Malibu residents, including Rob Reiner, Barbara Streisand, Tom Hanks, and David Geffen, will inhibit commercial development in the beach community.

Any development exceeding 20,000 square feet must be approved by Malibu residents. Chain stores are only permitted to occupy 30 percent of new commercial developments in the city.

Tuesday’s passing of Measure R was the culmination of a public feud between police commissioner and Los Angles developer Steve Soboroff and Reiner, who exchanged barbs during a heated debate preceding the election.

Soboroff’s designs for a new Whole Foods store and adjacent park are directly affected by the measure. The proposed grocery store will occupy 25,000 square feet, requiring the approval of Malibu residents before development can begin.

He has expressed a desire to bring lawsuits against the measure, arguing that it may be challenged on the grounds of its constitutionality.