WASHINGTON D.C.—The President’s annual budget is a farce. Trillions of dollars in red ink and the White House continues with unnecessary spending. The American people are the only ones who face reality of debt and unemployment. The White House and Congress, yes, both parties have no reality of what the rest of the nation, or the ”˜real world’ as they like to call it, are feeling. Those who are not even unemployed are facing less income and are putting themselves on self-imposed budgets which include fewer family vacations, less dinner outings and other cut-backs. All the while Washington and the newly elected president, who once called himself a common man, are steadily raising the pace of spending and the national debt threatens to cripple our rebounding economy and then Washington politicians seem stunned that Americans feel they are out of touch with reality.

No president has ever gone into office in my lifetime with the exception of Ronald Reagan and then realized the debt ceiling needed lowering; therefore, cutting all discretionary spending of the U.S. Government. Every other president, including George Walker Bush created even more spending and finally now, with President Obama the American public says it’s enough. You’d think that a man who grew up with a single mother, on welfare, who was raised by his grandparents who had meager earnings and were from the Midwest, would actually understand that the national debt needs to be lowered drastically and immediately. Alas, President Obama joins in with Presidents Bush (41), Bush (43), Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon and Lyndon B. Johnson in believing the best way to get reelected is to give the American people yet another entitlement we cannot afford.

While Washington politicians known for going on spending sprees during election cycles are planning full steam ahead for their pork projects in order to be reelected come November. Here’s hoping the American people will reject such bribery and in fact vote against every incumbent on the ballot. Is the person in office a family friend, someone who has been in office so long that we can’t imagine our lives without that senator or congressman? Whatever the excuse, whoever it is, vote against that person, despite party affiliation. For the falsity that it’s the Republican Party that can save us is highly inaccurate and just plain stupid. While they were in power, they spent just as much if not more than their Democratic predecessors and the only reason they are now fiscally conservative [again] is simply because they are out of power and desperate to regain it for the sake of having it.

Our politicians have long figured out that as long as they throw insults at each other while collectively and on a bipartisan basis running one of the biggest and most prosperous economies into the ground, they can pander to many Republicans on social issues and promise Democrats socialized medicine and they get voted in over and over again. I am going on record to say what a disaster and disappointment this administration is to me. The smartest and most moral thing to have done when he took office was if President Obama had been frank, honest and talked directly to the American people and explained that our entitlement system is in such overload that it’s destined to cripple our economy and that because of that he’d be the first president to demand cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in order to lower our national debt and to only borrow foreign money to run the current system while trying to get all of the entitlements under control. Instead we are faced with a threat of higher taxes, not only to Americans making $250,000.00 and more as the president claims, but to all Americans. It is shameful what Washington has done to America, it’s shameful to play games that one party is superior to the other. They both failed, they both lie, they both need to be replaced and the best way to do so is, in November, vote against the incumbent. In 2012, vote against the incumbent. That’s the only way our political class will figure out we are serious about getting our federal deficit down and back to rebuilding America, not through further government spending, but lowering taxes so that entrepreneurs across America have more of their own money in which to invest in our nation’s future.

And to readers who state I’m pro war and not for peace. I offer this wise statement a friend sent me just this week. “Except for ending Slavery, Fascism, Nazism, and Communism, war has never solved anything.” Pray for our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.