MALIBU—The 2019 Relik Longboard World Tour is coming to Malibu and Lowers Trestles. For 2019, the Relik Longboard World Tour is including a video submission open qualifier to the public. This will allow fans to vote for eight surfers that can earn a chance to compete in Round One and the opportunity to surf in Malibu and Lowers Trestles with a selected number of surfers.

The finalists will be competing for a cash prize. This year’s total prize money is worth  $200,000 increasing from last year’s amount of $15,000. The eight-longboard finalists will be announced on April 29.

On Thursday, March 28, Relik began accepting video clips from around the world where 16 surfers will be selected as potential competitors by a panel of longboard professionals. The chosen 16 competitors will be announced on April 26. The chosen longboarders will then have their open qualifier clips posted online. Each video will be voted on by surf fans and then 8 of the 16 original competitors will advance to the first round of the competition in Malibu and Lower Trestles.

Competitions at both Malibu and Lower Trestles will have a different judging criterion. Malibu’s competition will judge surfers on the traditional elements of classic longboarding. These elements include economy of movement, flow, and control of nose. The competition at Lower Trestles will give surfers an opportunity to earn more points by incorporating powerful turns, speed, and flow.

Last seasons winners Chad Marshall, the winner for the men’s division at The ‘Bu and Lindsay Steinriede, the winner for the women’s division at Lowers both were admitted through open qualifier video clips.

The deadline for the Open Qualifier video clip submission is April 14 at midnight. The minimum age of the competitor must be 15 years of age. The maximum length of the video cannot exceed 60 seconds and must be shot within the past 12 months. There are no geographical restrictions; competitors can be from anywhere in the world. To submit your open qualifier video clip visit