WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Tuesday, January 17, the West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously to invest $45,000 in a two-year pilot program whereby tourists and locals will be able to rent insured vehicles on an hourly basis that will be parked on city streets complete with gas.

According to its exclusive agreement with the Delaware-based Zipcar, Inc., West Hollywood will allow the company to park its vehicles in 10 spaces in the east side of the city where parking is limited. As well as for tourists, the program is meant to serve locals who cannot afford a vehicle or cannot find convenient parking spots.

Of the 10 spaces, six will be located north of Santa Monica Boulevard on Poinsettia Place, Orange Grove and Hancock avenues. Two spaces will be on Orlando Avenue south of Santa Monica Boulevard and two will be on Fountain Avenue east of Vista Street.

Six of the spaces are currently metered. The City of West Hollywood stands to lose $45,000 in meter revenue during the two years. A clause in the agreement with Zipcar, Inc. allows the city to terminate the program with six months notice if no one is renting the vehicles. The program also allows for spots to be changed up if those that have been chosen are not getting business. Zipcar, Inc. will provide information on use of the vehicles on a monthly basis, and the city reserves the option of conducting its own user surveys.

Per the agreement, public spots will be used as opposed to parking spaces within a hotel and other local businesses to promote the visibility of Zipcar, Inc. vehicles. At the end of the program, the city can negotiate with the company to sell the spots.