MALIBU—The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department revealed the repopulation of the following regions inside the following areas of the city of Malibu as a result of the Woolsey Fire as of Monday, November 18 at 9 a.m.

The following areas of the Malibu Colony Cove neighborhood:

-North of the ocean

-South of Malibu City limit

-West of Guernsey Avenue

-East of Ventura County Line

According to a news release from the city of Malibu, no access from the Ventura County Line to Los Angeles County on Southbound Pacific Coast Highway will be granted until Tuesday, November 20 at 9 a.m. For those who exit northbound PCH after the checkpoint at the Ventura County Line, residents will not be allowed to return to the southbound PCH until the checkpoint has been lifted. The LASD will be maintaining the checkpoint for residents entering this newly opened area on Pacific Coast Highway at Guernsey Avenue, and will be requiring identification. Access to the area west of the checkpoint will be limited to residents of that area only.

The link below can be used to assist the public in determining if their property is in an area that has been repopulated: Visit the link and enter an address for the #WoolseyFire area in the search field and press enter. Individuals can scroll out on the map to determine if the indicated area has a red or green background. Red notes the area is still closed and unsafe to return to. Green indicates the area is open for repopulation.

The Fire Incident Command continues to monitor the active fire areas, as well as those areas remaining closed due to critical infrastructure concerns or safety hazards. Any future information pertaining to safety conditions and repopulation will be updated at the following link:

The Woolsey Fire broke out in Chatsworth on, November 8, and reached Malibu early Friday morning on November 9. A mandatory evacuation was issued for all residents of the city. Over 96,949 acres has been burned and over 1,500 structures have been destroyed in the process. Three individuals were killed during the fires in Southern California. The Camp Fire in Northern California has resulted in a vast destruction of the city of Paradise, California and 76 people being killed. As of Monday, November 19, 96 percent of the Woolsey Fire has been contained and officials expect the entire fire to be contained by Thursday, November 22.

Among the celebrities whose homes have been destroyed in the blaze include Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, Gerard Butler, Neil Young, Kim Basinger, Camille Grammar and Robin Thicke. Los Angeles’s historical landmarks have been impacted as well. Paramount Ranch, home to film and television sets since 1927 and more recently the HBO series “Westworld,”was destroyed in the raging fire. Reagan Ranch and Peter Strauss Ranch were also burned as a result of the fire.

Donation pages have been set up to help victims of the Woolsey Fire and a number of celebrities are encouraging their followers to help if possible.

The National Weather Service (NWS) advises that a Pacific storm system is expected to bring widespread rainfall to Southwest California on Wednesday, November 21, from Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday night, and tapering to showers on Thursday, November 22.

”If rockslides or mudslides threaten public safety, a new evacuation order may be necessary. All residents are urged to comply with any such evacuation orders and evacuate the area as quickly as possible. Residents with limited connectivity who may not receive alerts should consider pre-evacuating. Protecting your life is most important,” states the city of Malibu on its website.