LOUISVILLE, KY—Friday, May 29 reporter, Kaitlin Rust was shot at while she and her crew were covering a protest on 5th Street in Louisville.

In a video released on YouTube, you can see Rust with her neon yellow vest on, mask covering her mouth and nose and a microphone. A crew of people are behind her, although it is not clear how many others she’s with. As she approaches the gathered officers, she mentions, “we are behind the line.” There are no visible protesters in site.

Rust is told by reporters on the audio who are not on the scene, “You keep going and go where you got to go, that’s fine with us. You got plenty of time here.” As she walks closer to the officers, an officer walks closer to her and shoots what she assumed to be rubber pepper bullets directly at her.

“Ah, ah, I am getting shot!” she says.

A reporter on audio asks, “Katie, are you ok?”

Rust replies with, “Rubber bullets rubber bullets it’s ok, it’s those pepper bullets, it’s those pepper bullets.”

“Who are they aiming that at?”

Rust responds with, “At us! At us, like directly at us!”

“Why are they doing that?”

Another reporter off site says, “They’re shooting at our crew.”

“Do they not know? Obviously they see the camera.” The video ends.

According to photos posted to Rust’s Twitter account around 9 p.m. ET protesters walked in line with their signs that read quotes such as, “Black Lives Matter” and “NO JUSTICE NO PEACE.”

Another tweet followed an hour later showing broken windows and red paint on the steps and windows in the shape of hand prints.

Around 1:00 a.m. ET, Rust uploaded another video to her social media, where you can hear protesters yelling, “Fuck the police!” The caption on the video is, “Tear gas and a line of officers in front of LMDC.”

Canyon News reporter reached out to LMDC for details of story and was told, “no further information is available at this time.”