LOS ANGELES — An app that allows users to request public works services was expanded to include three departments on Tuesday, January 28.

The Works app now features the ability to request services from the Departments of Parks and Recreation, Regional Planning or Public Health, in addition to already being able to submit requests to the Public Works Department.

Residents can report trail maintenance at county parks, health and code violations at hotels and motels and possible property violations like excessive garbage.

To submit a service request, residents should first allow the app to determine their current location. Following that, they then select an issue from a list that includes some of the previously mentioned items, which then goes into another menu that narrows down the issue. For instance, selecting “Graffiti” then gives an option to select such items as a light pole, a sign or a property. Finally, the user then includes a detailed description of the issue, which is then submitted and forwarded to the appropriate agency.

If the user is located in an area outside of the county’s jurisdiction, then the request is forwarded for “further investigation.”

The free app has been available since October 2011. It is available for download from either the App Store for iOS devices or from the Google Play store for Android users.