WEST HOLLYWOOD—The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station indicated a press release cautioning residents to not leave personal items in their vehicles due to the rash of car burglaries in the area. Vehicle burglaries via window smash continue to be a problem in West Hollywood, the press release noted.

Due to large number of cars in gated communities and parking garages, it has become difficult for the deputies patrolling the surface streets to spot the incidents. Most of the window smash burglaries take place due to personal items being visible for criminals walking along the sidewalks, without attracting much attention.

Another reason for the increased number of car burglaries is a lack of car alarms going off by the smashing of windows. It is a preferred method of breaking into vehicles for most criminals. The lead officer at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station warned residents to lock their cars properly every time they get out of their car.

The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station has increased the number of patrols in areas with high reports of theft and are urging residents to call (310) 855-8850 to report any suspicious activity.