MALIBU—On Tuesday, June 16, Malibu city and fire officials urged residents to comply with measures for annual brush clearance.

On June 1, the Los Angeles Fire Department began their annual brush fire inspections along the coastline of Malibu.

Karen Ferrer, Malibu city mayor, applauded those residents that met the June 1 deadline in a press conference with LA News. She encouraged other residents who have not completed theirs to get it done as quickly as possible. Ferrer stated that the next wildfire is right around the corner.

Daryl L. Osby, LA county fire chief, had a message for local residents as well. “Los Angeles County is one of the most beautiful places to live, but for those living in ‘wildland urban interface areas,’ it does not come without risks. Climate change has made fire season year-round and increased our ever-growing number of wildfires. Firefighters and residents alike are now constantly on heightened alert for the threat of wildfires,” he said.

He went on to tell residents that cooperation, precaution and preparation were all needed from residents at this time.

There is a “Ready! Set! Go!” brochure available on the Los Angeles Fire Department website for residents to receive more information on the role they play in keeping the community safe from wildfires.

Those who do not comply to the brush fire clearance inspections could be subjected to a $648 non-compliance fee or a county administrative $500 fine.

Guidelines from the brush clearance are making an effort for enough space around properties that firefighter can effectively protect lives, properties and the environment.