WEST HOLLYWOOD—On June 22, the City of West Hollywood reported that an increased number of coyote sightings have occurred in the cities of West Hollywood, Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills.  The city has reported the sightings to Los Angeles County Department of Weights and Measures and is now encouraging members of the community to exercise safety precautions to prevent possible risk and harm.

The city advises residents to reduce what the coyotes are seeking, which is food and water.  They are urged to keep pets indoors and not allow them to stray without supervision.  It is also advised that community members do the following:

1)  Always keep all pet dishes containing water and sustenance indoors

2)  Keep all garbage cans and containers secured

3)  Keep cats, dogs and other family animals indoors unless supervised

If residents continue to practice these simple precautions, it will discourage coyotes and other foraging animals from returning to the local areas and may compel them to return to the hills to seek food and water.  The City of West Hollywood informs residents that West Hollywood is less than a half mile away from the Hollywood Hills, and that the hills and foothills range from Malibu to Downtown Los Angeles are mainly wooded hills and mountainous habitat and consist of many types of wildlife in their natural habitat.

The city reports that humans are rarely in danger from being attacked by coyotes and other forms of wildlife native to the area, including skunks, possums and raccoons.  There are also almost no reports of rabies among coyotes trapped in Los Angeles County.