UNITED STATES—Your bedroom’s main function is to be a place where you can get a good night’s rest. But your bedroom cannot fulfill its task when it’s in shambles. What you need is a room with a pleasing interior, one that is relaxing to look at. So, where should you start first?

Improving your bedroom doesn’t have to require much of your time, effort, and money. By simply moving your furniture or repositioning your bed, you can already make a big difference to your personal space. Think of giving yourself a treat and check out our list of simple DIY bedroom makeover ideas.

Consider Switching To Mattresses-In-A-Box

Mattresses in a box are becoming popular among millennials nowadays. Because of its convenience and cost savings quality, more and more consumers are now switching from traditional mattresses to boxed mattresses.

Mattresses in a box are compressed in an air-tight bag and rolled into a container to save both space and delivery charges. Since boxed mattresses are perfect for every body type and sleeping position, there is no reason why you should be missing out. You can easily find mattresses in a box online, to save you from all the hassle.

Install A Headboard With Shelves

Utilize the space your headboard occupies by installing shelves on it. Carefully planning the layout first is important to avoid bumping your head. To start this project, prepare your materials: plywood boards, power saw, power drill, and wood screws.

The next step is to measure with the plywood boards, depending on your bed measurement. You should make two shorter shelves for your nightstand and one long shelf for storage and decoration. Using your power saw, measure three equal holes on the shorter shelves and five for the longer shelf.

You may then decide where you want to place the shelves and drill them in the plywood boards using the power drill. Attach them using the wood screws and check if it holds everything right. After all the above instructions are done, you can now enjoy your new setup.

Add More Storage Space

You wouldn’t want to go home to a cluttered bedroom. And the best way to avoid this is by adding more storage space to your bedroom. If you have a ladder, you can use it to incorporate more storage solutions. Start by preparing the project’s materials: trim head screws, connecting bolts and cap nuts, paint, paintbrush, and pine boards.

Measure your old ladder to build extra ladders. You will be doing many drill and screw work for the rungs, side blanket, and short side. Then connect the short and tall side of your ladder. Finish up by painting the wood based on your preferred tone, and enjoy your innovation.

Reposition Your Furniture

Repositioning your furniture is one of the easiest ways to improve the look of your bedroom. What you can do first is remove all the unnecessary stuff on your furniture. Store these items in your drawer or dispose of them completely. Then move your bed somewhere with more natural light. You may also place your headboard by the window for a brighter morning.

Bring Under-The-Bed Storage Baskets

Dirty laundry can make your bedroom look unsightly. By placing storage baskets under your bed, you can now organize your dirty clothes for the next laundry day. You don’t have to spend some money on new boxes. You may use the boxes you got from the grocery. Cover it with a cloth or stylish wallpaper to add some style to it.

Install Wallpapers

Wallpapers aren’t only used for covering the ugly parts of your wall but also for creating an attractive look to your entire bedroom. Attract attention and feel satisfaction by choosing a wallpaper that suits your style and attitude. You have two options for picking the best wallpaper for your bedroom: stock or customized.

There are a lot of options for stock wallpapers online. You have to know the exact measurement of your wall so it’ll be easy to hang it. For the latter, you may find your preferred design on the Internet and print it. You can then install it on your wall like how you’ll install a stock wallpaper.

Apply A Window Treatment

Windows are one of the essential parts that made up your bedroom. Without it, no air and natural light can come in, and there’s nothing to hold the moisture at bay. Applying a window treatment can help amp your window up. You can install a no-sew roman shade using this instruction.

You will need a piece of fabric, fabric glue, and a tension rod. Apply fabric glue on your fabric’s edge. Fold it for an inch to make a hem, and then hang it on the tension rod. Repeat this process until it can cover your entire window.


There is no greater satisfaction than going home to a clean and organized bedroom. To achieve this, you only need to be creative and innovative when doing bedroom makeovers. By following the instructions provided above, you can finally achieve the bedroom of your dreams.