HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “Revenge” gave the audience the impression that our heroine Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke (Emily VanCamp) was in grave danger, we all knew she’d make it to live another day right? Of course, I mean killing off the main character would be like an episode of “Game of Thrones.”

This week’s episode “Ashes” put things into further perspective for Emily, as she had to come to grips that her little sister Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) attempted to murder her. Considering Emily has a penance for vengeance, she should want to go after her sister, but she allowed her to get away with murder. I mean she did kidnap Charlotte after all.

Unfortunately, as much as the writers attempt to make Charlotte a likable character, she is much more of an annoyance if you ask me.  So who rescued Emily from the raging fire? Her BFF and former squeeze Jack (Nick Wechsler), who knew Charlotte was behind the fire and decided to allow her to slide as well for his involvement in her kidnapping. Wow, this woman has committed attempted murder and arson, and she gets more love than anyone I could ever expect.

Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) continued to move pieces in her master plan to get revenge on her nemesis, unaware that her father, David (James Tupper) is very much alive and kept hidden away by Vicky.  This prompts our queen bee to reunite David with his estranged daughter Charlotte.  So how did the daddy daughter reunion go, not as planned?Charlotte seemed a bit terrified to meet her father, whose scruffy face made it apparent he’d been hiding away for a substantial amount of time.

Jack’s cop buddy is no dummy, as it’s apparent he senses both Emily and Jack are hiding things from him. I’d say it’s just a matter of time before he pieces the puzzle together. The larger question is what he’ll do with that information once he has his hands on it. Nolan (Gabriel Mann) continued to speculate just what Emily’s latest move would be as she seems to be encountering a rebirth of sorts. She’s not the Emily we first met in season one, her quest for vengeance has simmered down a bit, it’s likely to disappear once she learns dear ole day is no so dead.

Everyone in The Hamptons is having a bad time, as Daniel (Joshua Bowman) isn’t having any luck finding a job. No one stays on top forever, but all of that may have changed for Daniel who comes face-to-face with Victoria’s former psych ward roommate Louise. Just what is she doing in The Hamptons? I’d say she has a bit of revenge she’s looking to exact on the woman who left her behind. Victoria has yet to realize looking out for yourself can be quite costly to say the least.

In a fascinating moment, Emily locates Charlotte and Victoria hiding away in a cabin. This prompts Victoria to pull out the big guns; I mean that literally, as she held a gun to her enemy’s face.  Would Victoria actually shoot her nemesis not a chance, the woman doesn’t have the guts to do so. Threats were made, and Charlotte remained coy in the background. As much as she is troubled by Emily’s actions, it’s apparent she wants a bond with her sister, especially considering she knows their father is alive. A bigger question is rather Charlotte would spill the truth to Emily.

The fun of the night came during the final moments, when Victoria decided to pay Margaux (Karine Vanasse) a visit to get a “loan” for her family, which allowed David to sneak into Emily’s abode planning to murder his own daughter. As he stood over Emily as he slept it became apparent he recognized her face. He knew it was his daughter! Before he could utter anything, Nolan entered the room firing shots. Nolan to the rescue! That prompted Emily to awake in a shutter, as the elusive intruder escaped unnoticed. Emily knows someone is after her, but has the latest clue.

Next week is a game changer, as Emily comes face-to-face with her father! Yep, the series is not dragging out the big reunion we’ve been dying for since the season three finale. Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!