HOLLYWOOD—So the day has finally come, Emily Thorne has outed herself as Amanda Clarke. So how would the rest of the world respond to the news? With utter shock of course, because “Revenge” looks to be heading in a direction of a series finale if you ask me, but we shall see, season four isn’t over just yet. The latest episode ‘Exposure’ followed the remnants of that revelation.

We open to seeing Louise deliver Nolan’s flash drive to Victoria who preyed on the weak, fragile one. She did her best to attempt to crack the flash drive, but it was not as easy as she expected it to be. Emily, Nolan, David and Jack discussed possible ramifications they could face from the fallout of the reveal. Emily had to face the music regarding her relationship with Ben, which was no cakewalk.

The Queen Bee used ‘compassion’ to force Louise to realize that Nolan is no white knight. I’m a bit confused by Victoria’s latest stunt; what does she have to gain by attempting to take Emily down? Nolan was a bit taken aback by Louise’s behavior, not to mention that she bid adieu. Emily didn’t seem frightened of her past enemies, and with her father by her side, the two looked unstoppable.

Victoria did her best to convince Margaux to assist her with her takedown of Amanda Clarke, but her son’s lover refused to partake. She acknowledged that she lied about Emily pushing her into oncoming traffic. Emily lashed out at Nolan when she discovered that he kept files of all of their takedowns. No, could Emilan be faltering? Sure looks like it. A very nostalgic Nolan was comforted by Jack who noticed his pal was not in the best place and he reminded him just how important he is in Amanda’s life.

During her one and only live interview, she revealed how Victoria played a critical role in shaping Amanda Clarke. It was a recollection of previous events from the past seasons, and she pointed the finger at Victoria, indicating that she might be guilty of murder. Things didn’t look great for Emily, as Margaux was fuming mad at Amanda for revealing all her secrets or learning about Victoria’s hand in things. Nolan begged for Jack to go after Amanda, chase after the woman that he loves.

Margaux was determined once again to take down Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke after the public lashing she delivered to Victoria. This time it was Victoria who was doing her best to convince Margaux that this is a battle not worth fighting. Amanda and David shared a tender father-daughter moment, where it felt like the story could be headed in a happy direction. Well, this is “Revenge” so we know that’s not the case.

The episode ended with a helluva cliffhanger, with someone on a beach, circling a picture around the face of Amanda Clarke. Who could this mystery person be? Why do I feel its Conrad Grayson, it better not be Lydia Davis. Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!