HOLLYWOOD—The mystery continues to unravel for audiences on “Revenge.” The more I think about it, I suspect David Clarke, may not actually be David Clarke after all.  It’s become apparent that Jack is getting closer to the enemy in Agent Taylor; I’ll explain more on that later. Victoria was a bit stunned to realize that David Clarke was attacked at the hospital.

This woman sure knows how to weave a web to get David to fully trust her; of course he doesn’t considering she lied about his daughter’s true identity. Jack and Kate learned that David’s attacker “killed” himself, but it appears murder was an obvious choice. Nolan continued to bond with Louise, even though he was unaware her mental state is quite fragile. Her dad’s death could be the critical clue to learning the truth about Louise.

Daniel did his best to get Marguax to give him a second chance, but she refused; not before revealing that she was pregnant! David attempted to make an amends with Nolan asking him to watch after Emily. He decided to release Emily’s captor which caused a riff in their relationship. For the first-time ever, I can honestly say Victoria and Emily are on the same page about David keeping secrets.

His prison cell revealed a safe, where he’d hidden nearly $5 million in cash; he also stashed his flash drive informing Nolan of the combination and whereabouts in case something happens to him. What are those funds for? Just as Jack appears to be moving on, so is Emily, who is developing a relationship with Ben in her quest to gain information.  In an interesting development, the Chief of Police seems to know more about what happened with David Clarke than the viewer. Even more disturbing is the threat he made to Victoria. “Wrong place at the wrong time.” Precisely what did that mean?

Louise gave Nolan a taste of her mind when she learned about his duplicity. Uh-oh, I fear our tech-guru might have made a dangerous enemy. Nolan informed David that he put a tracking device inside Emily’s prisoner, which allowed him to track him down at the airport. David insisted that he deliver a message to a Malcolm Black. So who is this elusive party and how is he worse than Conrad Grayson? Could Conrad actually be alive and kicking in a secret hideout?

Victoria asked her private investigator to deliver a message, which put a target on Emily Clarke. Ben revealed to Emily that a higher power might have been pulling the strings, which sent a firecracker going off in Emily’s brain. It’s Agent Taylor who killed David’s attacker and she received the photo from Victoria noting that Emily is actually Amanda Clarke. I fear Victoria and Agent Taylor have no idea how dangerous Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke can truly be, but they’re about to find out!

Next week proves to be a must-see episode as a major character is expected to bite the dust. Any guesses as to whom? Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!