HOLLYWOOD—Well by now, everyone knows that “Revenge” will end its run on television with season four. That means with only two episodes left the surprises and shockers for the series would reach epic proportions and so did they ever.

In the penultimate episode, before the series finale, ‘Plea’ saw Emily Thorne behind bars charged with the murder of her nemesis Victoria Grayson. All the evidence points at her, even though we know that is not the case at all. Jack, Nolan and David looked for leads any possible way to help Emily whose predicament looks pretty dim. Louise touched base with Margaux about the current situation for Victoria’s funeral.

She realized that Victoria’s estate had been locked and sealed by Charlotte who returned to the series this week. Emily got a break in court, when she was placed on house arrest. I have a feeling our heroine will refuse to adhere to the terms that have been set for her. Emily tinkered with the idea that Victoria utilized multiple players to pull off her ultimate scheme. Jack asked the question audiences had been hoping he did months ago about Emily’s true feelings for him; and she ADMITTED it! Finally, our heroine shows a softer side, and just when that kiss was about to happen, Nolan interrupted. Darn it!

Charlotte was seen conversing with others at her treatment facility, but was not happy to see Louise. She admitted that she was none too interested in grieving for her mother. Louise was thrown for a loop, when she heard Victoria had faked her death once before. David was none too happy to learn that his daughter was persistent in going after Mason Treadwell, even if it meant setting up her own father.

Jack decided to have a conversation with Margaux asking her to look deeper into what happened to Victoria, which angered his former flame, who lashed out. It’s hard to believe that these two were once an item in season three. Ben was one step ahead of Emily and set a trap to alert David he was onto her skill. Neighbors divulged to Emily that Mason and his lady friend cleared out of town before it was too late, she couldn’t get further information because she was arrested.

Jack and David realized that Margaux has been transporting Mason to his locations. Louise decided to revisit Victoria’s penthouse and was stunned to find Nolan, the duo got into a screaming match. Nolan did his best to try to talk some sense into his former wife, but to no avail. Emily was beginning to unravel behind bars, as her dad did his best to talk some sense into her, before he collapsed. Nolan and Jack feared the worse for Emily’s father, as they came face-to-face with a security friend of Jack’s to help Emily.

Margaux did jewelry shopping and found herself being searched for stolen jewelry and staged a scene. It led to Emily’s new antagonist being arrested for assault. I love when a good scheme falls into play, and that one was worth every second of it. She was none too pleased to learn that her new cellmate was her enemy Emily Thorne, who broke into her cell and made threats.

Finally, the confrontation that we’ve been dying for. Emily questioned her opponent about helping Victoria plan her grand scheme. Margaux was indeed on edge with Emily’s tactics, gripping the throat of her enemy to get information. Loved it, absolutely loved it! Louise, still delusional as ever, continued planning the Queen Bee’s memorial until she discovered a black hoodie in one of her dresses. Yep, she realized that she was wrong about her ‘friend’ the entire time. Ben was none too pleased to hear Emily dig herself out of a grave that has been dug for her.

Emily’s tale of Victoria’s set-up was indeed epic; it was Margaux who attacked her in the parking garage, she purchased a fake body, utilized Mason in all of her tactics. Ben seemed a bit receptive, but without a body, it was impossible to believe what was being told.

Louise did the right thing and turned in evidence to Ben of the hoodie she found in Victoria’s possession. This led Ben to look for the missing person’s body, which vanished. Louise confronted Margaux about Victoria’s supposed death, which rattled her new BFF. Jeez, poor Louise, I hate that people continue to play with such a fragile woman. Margaux made a phone call that looked as if she would be taking out Louise, but it was another player. Emily’s day went from bad to worse, when her dad revealed that the cancer is spreading and his time is limited. That scene between father and daughter was a tearjerker.

Ben paid a visit to the home of Mary Gaines to search for evidence. Inside the home he discovered Victoria Grayson ALIVE! But it was a sad end for our detective who was fatally killed by Margaux’s hired help played by Courtney Love in the most vicious way. Next week’s series finale is titled “Two Graves,” that title alone screams bad things will happen to those who we care about most. Until one more Sunday “Revenge” lovers, it’s going to be good!