STUDIO CITY — A woman whose dog was stolen from her apartment on Monday, November 11 is offering a monetary reward for the return of the animal.

Karen Chamberlain found her apartment vandalized and her dog, a four pound, 6 year-old tea-cup maltese named Jack, missing.

In an effort to find her missing dog, Chamberlain has set-up a Facebook page dedicated to gathering information and aiding in the search. Flyers have been created by Chamberlain and friends to distribute in the area.

According to Chamberlain’s Facebook page, Jack requires special food for a urinary tract infection. It is also noted that his carrier was also taken in the burglary.

Chamberlain is offering a $5,000 reward for Jack’s returned, “no questions asked,” according to both the Facebook page and a Craigslist ad that she put up.