CALIFORNIA—Dwayne Wallick, 37, was arrested by Richmond Police on Monday, June 1 on suspicion of murder, and for being caught in the act of eating the corpse of his 90-year-old grandmother, Ruby Wallick.

The incident happened at approximately 2:11 p.m. in the 1200 block of Club Court in Richmond within western Contra Costa County. The residential neighborhood is located near Hilltop Plaza.

Police Spokesman Sgt. Aaron Pomeroy told Canyon News that Richmond Police received a 911 call from the victim’s daughter. She had arrived moments earlier to take her mother to a medical appointment, and reported her nephew’s actions to the police. They entered the home and found Dwayne Wallick straddling his grandmother’s body while eating and ripping off her flesh.

They commanded him to stop and he continued to disobey orders. A taser gun was used on the suspect to stop his actions on the elderly woman. After the effect wore off, Dwayne Wallick showed signs of resistance on the floor. Officers had to handcuff and restrain him.

Ruby Wallick was confirmed dead at the scene. An autopsy was performed at approximately 10 a.m. on Wednesday, June 3. There is currently no update on the cause of death. According to Sgt. Pomeroy, the elderly woman had poor vision, but her mental cognizance was fine. Dwayne and Ruby Wallick were the only occupants of the house. He also was one of her caretakers. There is no statement from the family at this time. The suspect did not have a motive, according to Sgt. Pomeroy.

Dwayne Wallick was taken to a hospital for a health evaluation. He will be sent to Martinez Detention Facility after his release from the hospital, according to ABC7. This case is still under investigation.