HOLLYWOOD—We’ve been waiting, and I mean patiently waiting, and at long last the secret about Bill Spencer and Steffy Forrester has been unleashed on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Katie and Wyatt were the only people to learn what Bill and Steffy did. After a visit with Brooke, Steffy alluded to major issues in her marriage, which led to Brooke telling Ridge to check up on his daughter. As a result, Ridge learned that Steffy was pregnant and jumped for joy, but that soon turned to rage when Steffy informed him that she slept with Bill.

I have never seen Ridge this mad; I mean the red in his eyes were a clear sign he was out for blood. Cue the fireworks, because Ridge confronted his rival and the two got into a scuffle of epic proportions that led to fists being thrown. I mean Ridge decked his foe, and I actually expected Bill to counter, but not this time people. That punch is definitely going to leave a mark on Dollar Bill’s face. He professed his love for Steffy which only enraged Ridge that much more. Bill has already taken a verbal beating by Liam, Wyatt and Katie, next in line was Brooke who was at an utter loss for words. I mean I thought her reaction to news that he set Spectra Fashions on fire was stellar acting, but Katherine Kelly-Lang showcased her talents yet again tearing into her ex about his deplorable behavior.

The interesting facet in all of this is that Bill is okay with being labeled the enemy in all of this, but as Steffy pointed out, it takes two to tangle and she was willing to jump into bed with her father-in-law. However, I am more troubled by his undying desire to build a life with Steffy even though her world has been rocked to the core forever. She has lost the love of her life, she is pregnant and everyone around her is concerned with her mental state. Honestly, I can see Steffy snapping any day now. Be careful what you wish for, because she was rocked after she learned her rival, Hope has returned to town. Hope made it crystal clear to Steffy she is in Los Angeles to stay, so let the battle for Liam’s heart begin with Sally, Steffy and Hope all vying to become victorious.

The biggest issue is the fact that Sally and Hope still have no idea that Bill and Steffy slept together, so when that information is unearthed it totally changes everything. Speaking of Liam, he was stunned to see his first true love back in the mix, but he was cautious to not disclose those details, at least not yet. I will admit that the “B&B” writers can stop showing those constant flashbacks of Bill and Steffy hooking up. Hey, we get it, we know that Bill and Steffy did the deed, we don’t need to see those images every time Bill wants to fantasize about a love that he is likely to never have. Steffy is only cordial because she is scared that her marriage is truly over (which I suspect it is), but Hope being Hope is so precocious and just like Liam likes to see the good in everyone.

So with news of Hope’s return and Bill and Steffy’s secret making the rounds, it looks like “The Bold and the Beautiful” is getting ready for a February fans will be talking about for weeks to come.