BEVERLY HILLS—For the next three days, Ringo Starr, former drummer for The Beatles, will be putting items up for auction.

Starr and his wife, actress Barbara Back will hold a three-day auction compiling of Beatles memorabilia to raise money for charity. The event will be held at Julien’s Auctions house in Beverly Hills and will take place from December 3-5

The couple has put more than 1,300 items on the auction block ranging from musical items that members of The Beatles owned and played to awards that was won by Starr while he was a part of the group.

Starr’s Ludwig drum kit with ‘The Beatles’ logo emblazoned on the bass drum which Starr played in hundred of shows will be up for bid. Two guitars that were owned and played by John Lennon and George Harrison will be up for auction.

Such musical items are expected to sell for prices as low as $100,000 and as high as $800,000. One coveted item includes Lennon’s guitar. He was assassinated back in 1980. Harrison died in 2001 due to lung cancer.

Other items up for grabs during the auction include Starr’s gold and platinum records that he won while being a part of the group. As well as, outfits worn by Starr when he performed with the group. Starr’s first copy of “The White Album,” which was named because the album is the color white.

Money earned from the auction will be donated to the Lotus Foundation, which is based in London. It was founded by Starr and his wife back in 2004. The auction will be held live, as well as online.