HOLLYWOOD HILLS—On Tuesday, October 11, Colton Haynes’ home in Hollywood Hills was burglarized by thieves. The perpetrators raided his home and stole property valued between $5,000-$6,000, according to reports. The “Teen Wolf” and “Arrow” star posted a video via his Instagram account informing the public of the incident.  In the video, he reassured his fans that he was okay.

On his official Twitter account on October 13, Haynes reported: “My home was broken into a few days ago & a lot was stolen. I am ok. I don’t understand why it’s necessary that my personal info is on TMZ.”

According to TMZ, valuable items included his television and laptop. The burglars gained access by breaking into a lockbox outside of Haynes’ garage. Authorities have not yet reported any details of suspects involved in the burglary.

The 28-year-old star followed up on Snapchat to say: “So even though someone broke into my house the other day and stole a whole bunch of my stuff, that’s not going to get me down.”

The actor recently guest starred in an episode of the FOX series “Scream Queens.” He gained attention this year for publicly coming out as gay. He posted on his Instagram account to celebrate National Coming Out Day.