MALIBU—On Thursday, February 14 at around 7:30 a.m. two cars were damaged by a rockslide in Malibu. The rockslide may have been triggered by the heavy winter storms that passed through the region this past week. Both cars were located on Malibu Canyon Road south of the tunnel.

One of the cars affected by Thursday’s rockslide was a white Ford Focus, which contained father and son Rush Sharp and Bill Sharp who were headed to a wedding at the time of the occurrence. The large rock damaged the glass of the vehicle, but did not go through the windshield. There were no reports of any injuries during the incident.

“You could see it happening it could have been really bad fortunately for insurance it will be okay,” said Rush Sharp to ABC 7 news.

“Yeah a little startled you know I was on the phone and all of a sudden out of nowhere a big bang and smashed the window. It could of gone through I am glad all the new cars have the safety glass on there,” said Bill Sharp. Bill informed ABC 7 news that the rock was the size of a grapefruit. “It definitely could be worse I feel lucky though,” said Bill Sharp.

A second rock struck another car in Malibu that resulted in a flat tire and bumper damage. Other rockslides occurred later in the day closing major raodways for several hours including Topanga Canyon, Pacific Coast Highway, and Grand View Drive. Officials closed the roads before any further damage could be done.

“No one was hurt, which is the most important thing,” said Weston Haver, Public Information Officer for the California Highway Patrol West Valley.

California Highway Patrol officers have warned drivers of the area to be cautious of debris and rocks on the road.