BEVERLY HILLS—After three months of forced closure due to COVID-19, the luxurious shopping destination, Rodeo Drive announced on Thursday, June 18, that the region is now  officially open to the public. The location was one of many impacted by quarantine orders, and Rodeo Drive closed its doors on March 18. Despite the forced closure, the district did not stop from continuing to make their presence known.

Rodeo Drive’s official Facebook page continued to have a frequent presence, updating viewers with pictures and encouragements for visitors of the page as they waited to reopen their doors. The first steps were made towards normalcy when they announced on May 8 that customers would be able to shop at stores so long as it was through curbside pickup and customers followed social distancing rules. Rodeo Drive  created and launched their own podcast on May 29, releasing a second and most recent episode on June 12. Stores on Rodeo Drive also chose to take action, often donating large amounts of money to help fight the virus.

A photograph provided by the official Rodeo Drive Facebook page depicting the now empty Louis Vuitton store.

The annual Father’s Day event, “Concours d’Elegance Car Show” was cancelled, with Rodeo Drive’s official statement that read:

“It is unfortunate that we must break this annual tradition, but the health and safety of our community and visitors remain a priority.” The event is free and an annual tradition where luxurious cars, both antiques and modern, were displayed for the public to admire and its postponement to 2021 was a source for disappointment to some.

Onlookers admiring an antique car from the Concours d’Elegance Car Show (Provided by the official Rodeo Drive Facebook Account)

While the reopening of Rodeo Drive, both workers and customers, and the official staff of Rodeo Drive encourage everyone to be cautious. In its official statement, they encourage visitors to “please remember to wear a mask and maintain social distancing on the street.”