HOLLYWOOD—Actress Rose McGowan filed a lawsuit Wednesday, October 23 against Harvey Weinstein and his lawyers Lisa Bloom and David Boies along with private intelligence agency Black Cube for a conspiracy to suppress her claims of sexual assault.

She alleges Weinstein and his firm made efforts to discredit the actress’s claims. Including an attempt to steal McGowan’s unpublished book detailing an alleged rape that Weinstein committed at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival. Her book “Brave” was published in January 2018. McGowan’s book isn’t solely about the alleged rape Weinstein committed. The book is a memoir and motivational book about her struggles in her childhood and as a young woman according to the suit.

The 72 page complaint states that, “this case is about a diabolical and illegal effort by one of America’s most powerful men and his representatives to silence sexual-assault victims. And it is about the courageous women and journalists who persisted to reveal the truth. Defendant Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced former movie mogul and Hollywood power broker, raped plaintiff Rose McGowan many years ago, when McGowan was a young, up-and-coming actress with lead roles in two Weinstein-produced films.”

Black Cube representatives that were hired by Weinstein posed as women’s rights activists who were interested in hiring McGowan to speak at events about women’s issues. McGowan claims that she was surreptitiously recorded by representatives at Black Cube.

Weinstein’s defense team said in a statement that, “from the moment she sought a $6 million payout in return for not making these baseless allegations, which we rejected at the time, we knew that she was waiting for an opportune time such as this to begin her suit. We will demonstrate that this case has no legal merit.”

McGowan and her representatives are demanding a jury trial according to the complaint. McGowan wants notable women’s rights attorney Lisa Bloom to be disbarred. Bloom who also represented Bill Cosby apologized for representing Harvey Weinstein in the past.