SANTA MONICA—On Tuesday, May 19, RoseArt and the Boys & Girls Club of America joined forces to paint the biggest mural in Santa Monica Pier history.

Its record-breaking size—taking up approximately 40,000 square feet of the pier’s beachside parking lot is impressive.

The mural, which took 360 hours and over 2,000 pounds of chalk-paint to complete, features interactive areas and activities to encourage art and play. In the ‘painting place,’ children were allowed to add their own touches to the mural. Elsewhere, they could play an oversized version of checkers, or hopscotch on a painted board.

The combination of fun, exercise, and imagination is the kind of thing the Boys & Girls Club of America does to give to the kids in their 4000 communities across the country.

Boys & Girls Club member Tim Hogan said to ABC7 that the organization “helps fill gaps for kids that need us most, for kids and teens that don’t have anywhere else to go and need positive mentorship.”

To support that mentorship and the club’s national art programs, RoseArt donated $50,000 to the organization.

Actress Beverley Mitchell, best known for role as Lucy in on the TV series “7th Heaven” presented the check.

The mural and its message are personally important to Mitchell, who has two young children.