HELLO AMERICA!—When Barbara Walters retired from “The View” talk show and a few weeks later the firing of Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy was announced leaving only Whoopi Goldberg as the survival panelist, we knew it would simply mean another war. My ABC source didn’t hesitate to disclose that everyone connected with the show is getting ready for the fireworks.

Whoopi angrily made it clear when questioned about Rosie O’Donnell coming aboard, “If we all remember that we are all grown-up ass women we should be fine!”  However, a few of the show’s staffers believe with O’Donnell on board, the show’s ratings will increase enormously. This was the case when Rosie was in the ring with Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the ratings went sky high. 

It’s not surprising that Meredith Vieira was offered a return to the show and turned it down.  This very bright lady will be hosting yet another show for NBC and it’s going to include a lot of music and entertaining guests. Then too, she has made it very clear that she exited the talk series at the right time because it offered her the opportunity of so many other creative choices.

NBC’s former “Today” show host Ann Curry is said to have had meetings with the studio as well. This will make it even more interesting when you put Goldberg, O’Donnell and Curry helming the popular show. Even though O’Donnell and Goldberg have worked together previously with Barbara Walters at the helm, there are those who feel that Whoopi as the main moderator will definitely give the panel a different flavor and rhythm. 

Jenny McCarthy who has signed to host her on radio show made it clear that she has no regrets about leaving the show. “I was never really comfortable,” she admitted. “I didn’t feel a part of the group. It was as though I was the visiting relative and was just tolerated.  The experience for the season was fine but it wasn’t really for me. Everything happens for a reason.”