BEVERLY HILLS—According to a neighbor, the estate where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved into late March, has been the scene of the crime for the Bling Ring gang.

The $18 million mansion in Beverly Ridge is owned by Tyler Perry, a famous actor, and producer.

Carleton Eastlake, an author and TV producer, is the royals’ next-door neighbor, and the source of the information. According to him, the gang scaled the walls of the gated community in order to burglarize the houses.

A movie was made about the burglars in 2013; in a robbery spree, they burgled the homes of Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan, and Megan Fox. In total, $3 million in cash and kind was stolen. They were caught 12 years ago.

“Harry and Meghan have chosen the perfect place to base themselves,” Eastlake said to The Sun.

“Security was ratcheted up on the estate after it was targeted by the Bling Ring. Those guys came down the hills and got over the fence that used to be there but they didn’t get into any of the houses, luckily. After that, new security measures were put in place and it’s one of the safest most secure places in LA now.”

“One of the guys, a local guy, that they’ll get to know is rock manager Guy Oseary. He works with a lot of good causes and I am sure he will be working with Harry and Meghan.” Eastlake continues.

He expects the community to become an even bigger tourist destination now that they have royalty in their midst.

“The tour buses are a bit of a thing around here and now that Harry and Meghan live there I’m sure more of them will be stopping off at the entrance to the estate but that’s nowhere near the house,” he said.

Not all share the same elation over more tour buses, though. Speaking to The Sun, another neighbor said, “To be honest, it’s annoying that they’re near here. It means there’ll be more tourist buses coming by than before to see where celebrities live. We do get a lot of fans driving through and blocking the roads, now it will be worse. But we wish them well. The estate is very secluded, very secure. I am sure it is what they want.”

They have moved into Tyler Perry’s Tuscan villa with eight bedrooms and twelve bathrooms, the villa is situated on top of a hill and has a beautiful view of the entire area. Sources have been unable to confirm if they are renting or staying at the villa as guests, Oprah Winfrey is a common friend, who introduced them.

Before moving to Beverly Hills, the couple had been on Vancouver Island in Canada and made the move just in the nick of time before the borders were closed because of the Corona pandemic. They do not want their whereabouts known and have been cautious about revealing their location to anyone.