UNITED STATES−The U.S. Army National Guard in Kansas is speaking out via social media to debunk rumors  spread by news outlets that the National Guard will be enforcing a nationwide quarantine, per rumors that the Department of Homeland Security is prepping to mobilize the National Guard.

USSOCOM Veteran, formerly Office of Strategic Services (OSS), All-Source Intelligence Operator, Stephen Jones stated:

“DHS does NOT have the authority to mobilize military assets.”

“The Department of Homeland Security does not have the authority to mobilize the National Guard as described in the graphic,” said Jane Welch, Director of Public Affairs. “Additionally, there is no discussion of a nation-wide quarantine.”

The inaccurate news indicated that the quarantine will last for 2 weeks. The National Guard  created sites to help stem the flow of misinformation.

The U.S. National Guard reports that 72 guardsmen are currently on active duty in 22 states to help distribute needed items, work in warehouses, and add additional support where needed in the COVID-19 response.

Sheriff Tom Jones from Grant County Sheriff’s Office in Washington as shared a post from March 31, where the question was posed:

“Does the National Guard being deployed mean we are under Marshall Law?”

“No. Emergencies are scary enough. Let’s not add to the fear by spreading misinformation. The Washington National Guard is your neighbor, your friend and wants what’s best for our communities. Let’s put aside the rumors about martial law or military rule. IT’S JUST NOT TRUE. As of March 27, the Guard still didn’t have any missions and weren’t assigned for COVID-19 response. Some soldiers are working with state officials preparing for possible missions, such as delivering school lunches. Guard soldiers train every month, though, during “drill weekends” and have armories all over the state. They’ve always been here and the soldiers live here,” said Sheriff Jones in response to the question.

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