BRENTWOOD—On August 5, Raul Rodriguez Cardona, was arrested for failing to pay child support.

Cardona, who also went by the name Raul Rodriguez, has been deemed a “deadbeat dad,” gave a single payment of $424 back in 1996. He was to be making payments of $563 per month for his daughter who is now 21.

The suspect is a Beverly Hills based fitness instructor, who has a 5 year-old son with his current wife.

He was arrested by Los Angeles Police officers and U.S. Marshals who have been tracking down Cardona who has been a fugitive since an arrest warrant was issued for him back in 2008.  

He is originally from Milwaukee County, Wisconsin; he was found working for the Mountain Gate Resort as a personal trainer in Brentwood. He is expected to pay back more than $250,000 in back child support in addition to fines.

Cardona faces up to 15 years behind bars if convicted of the 10 felony counts he currently faces.