WESTWOOD—Walking on Gayley Ave on the Wednesday, September 27, one can hear music blasting at maximum volumes across the entire city of Westwood. The source being each and every fraternity house lined down the block.  Fraternities such as Phi Kappa Psi, Sigma NU, Beta Theta Pi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Theta Epsilon, and every other, have set-up amplified speakers in front of their entrance doors and cranked the volumes for rush week.

While crossing the street at Gayley and Strathmore, a UCLA student, in response to the inquiry that a reporter from Canyon News asked about the current settings replies loud enough to be heard, “Didn’t you know? It’s Rush Week.”

From September 25 to September 29 is,the official week where students are initiated into fraternities and sororities at UCLA.  Organizations have opened their doors to welcome in newcomers who are interested in being initiated, while providing them with snacks, drinks, and lunches.

When questioning the Informational Booth of Fraternity and Sorority Initiation about any reactions some students, teachers, or authoritative figures have towards the atmosphere, the response given to Canyon News was “There have been no complaints.”

Another UCLA student, rushing for recruitment at a specific fraternity informed Canyon News that the level of intensity this week has been “enormous” for most rushing individuals.  “The stress for girls who want to join sororities is much, much greater. Unlike males, who aren’t obligated to check-up on all fraternities if interested in only one, females who want to join one sorority, are obligated to visit all. In other words, they’re required, if interested in only one sorority, to visit every sorority there is at UCLA. It’s tough for them, and becomes even more so, because also unlike the fraternities, they are not provided with meals or food.”

By Friday, September 29 rushing students will know if they have been accepted within the Realm of the Greek-Alphabet Community. The office of Fraternity and Sorority Life at UCLA are reminding students that The Mission of Fraternity and Sorority Life is to provide students involved in the community an overall engaging campus life experience that complements and improves their education, advisement, leadership, and collaboration with community partners.