HOLLYWOOD—I have been waiting for the big reveal that Ryan Chamberlain is Esme Prince’s father on “General Hospital” for what feels like almost a year. Yeah, the writers on “GH” really have to work on not dragging storylines excessively. They could learn a thing or two from the writers on “Days of Our Lives” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.” The quicker you get the secret out in the open the more story you actually have to work with.

With that said, Heather and Ryan implemented their escape from Spring Ridge which is proving you don’t want to keep DANGEROUS CRIMINALS there because the ability to escape is so easy it’s terrible. A guard was killed by Ryan, just as Esme was in fear for her life, unaware that Heather and Ryan are her parents’ people. The writers are indeed doing a great job at attempting to flesh out another side of Esme for a potential redeeming arc. I mean she is about to become a mother, and has no idea that her baby daddy, Nikolas Cassadine is dead. Yeah, who’s going to care for this child? It is starting to feel like Spencer might get his wish, but with a slice of humble pie as he discovers the father he despises is dead. Yeah, the secret has not yet been revealed, but with Victor furiously searching for his nephew, cops on Spoon Island, the truth is going to come out and Ava Jerome is going to have a lot of explaining to do or maybe not.

Before that bomb, Ava and Felicia got the shock of their life when they came face-to-face with Ryan at Spoon Island. Both ladies were petrified, just as Ava attempted to push Ryan’s buttons, but he pushed back by mentioning Kiki that got Ava all riled up. Remember Ava was out for blood after Ryan killed her daughter. Chaos erupted as shots were fired inside Wyndemere, prompting Esme to flee in the woods and Ryan to go after her. Just one slight problem, Esme is preggers and that baby was ready to pop people, talk about inopportune time. She escaped and returned to the main house, where Laura, Kevin, Felicia, Mac, Austin, Jordan and a host of authorities were waiting for her, with Heather already in cuffs. Yes, everyone knows Heather is Esme’s mother and Ryan is her father.

Mac was worried about Felicia who he knows is in grave danger as a former obsession of Ryan’s. The character comes and goes, but I find it more interesting when Felicia and Mac are aligned with Valentin and Anna who are still working to bring down Victor as they hide out. They are hoping to rattle Eileen Ashby enough to get her to crack, which seems to be happening in real time, but Victor’s grip is so strong and he refuses to let her go, if he does it won’t be at her own volition.

Willow is still ill as the stem cell didn’t work, but there might be an angel in disguise coming in Dr. Liesl Obrecht who has been tested. The results have not been revealed just yet, but I’m certain she will be a match that will change the game people. Will this help seal that rift between Nina and Willow? I hope so because it is being dragged a bit and it is annoying me. Willow’s grudge is a bit stronger than what it should be because she has bad history with Nina, but nothing to the level of Michael and Sonny, which I suspect will culminate as Willow and Michael marry fearing the end is near people.

Secrets have a way of blowing up in bad ways, as Carly and Drew are going to soon find out as Nina is poking that she knows something is up with Drew and Carly, but he’s doing his best to deflect, just as Liesl informed her niece to get to the truth (insider trading). The other big bomb and it was a big one transpired on Curtis and Portia’s wedding day. Stella informed Trina and Spencer in the most elusive way WHY she didn’t attend the wedding, which got Trina’s wheels turning and she confronted her mother and learned that Taggert may not be her father, Curtis might be.

Great acting on all fronts with this reveal, and now the big question is rather Curtis will cut his marriage to Portia short now that the truth is out. Well, we still don’t know people because a paternity test needs to be done and I’m pretty sure Curtis is the father. I mean could you imagine Taggert still being Trina’s father after such a reveal; it would leave me literally stunned. This is only tightening the bond between Trina and Spencer. He is there for her in her time of need, just as Spencer will need Trina when he learns that his father is dead.

That was not the grand finale for the week, as Ava with gun in tow thanks to Heather, went hunting for Ryan and learned EVERYTHING that has transpired up to this point was a direct result of Ryan himself and it enraged her. She fired a shot into Ryan’s shoulder, but not before confessing that she killed Nikolas! Oh, Ava, why would you do that? With rage in her eyes the trigger was fired yet again and it may have been Ava Jerome of all people who killed Ryan Chamberlain people, but nope that honor goes to Mac, who FINALLY killed the sociopath once and for all. Ava is being haunted by what Ryan revealed, and as for Nikolas his body has not been discovered yet, but when it is will the blame be placed on Chamberlain?