HOLLYWOOD—Just when I thought things were slowing down with the serial killer storyline on “General Hospital,” surprise Ryan Chamberlain strikes yet again. To be honest they need to coin the guy the holiday killer because he has struck on Halloween, Thanksgiving and now New Year’s. Not sure if this is a motive of Ryan’s or not, but it makes me worry who and what he has planned for Valentine’s Day.

Who was Ryan’s latest victim this time around? It was producer Peyton Mills who met his maker because he got too close to discovering the truth. Peyton, your theory was 100 percent accurate, Ryan is very much alive, if only you knew Kevin wasn’t Kevin before it was too late. Would some call the murder unexpected? Yes, but it proves that Ryan isn’t only targeting women, which was one of my biggest concerns up to this point. Curtis was the guy who stumbled upon the grisly and bloody crime scene, but it was Jason and Sam who discovered the body, hidden in a snowman, just as they shared a kiss.

I mean Ryan is the pure definition of a sociopath because after killing Peyton, he stopped by Ava’s place for a little romance. I mean only a guy of his stature can kill the daughter of the woman who has caught his eye and then sleep with her moments later. It’s not just vile, but it’s creepy as hell. It looks like Ryan’s next target could be anyone, but Lulu should be careful. She is already digging in Chase’s files and Jordan is well aware she is too close to the case. Even Ned, who is the Mayor of Port Charles is concerned that Lulu could cause a citywide panic. She warned Ava, who is now suspicious and she informed Kevin, which means he KNOWS she is onto him, oh, this is about to get real good people! Um, there is a serial killer on the loose everyone should be in a panic!

We are seeing some interesting romances come to light. First, we’ve finally gotten rid of the Julian and Kim romance; I never thought the two were a good fit to begin with, and after Julian spotted her kissing Drew, that relationship is kaput people. This means we should expect to see Julian and Alexis rekindle things at some point. With that said, I’m not 100 percent sold on the Kim and Drew romance; I’d rather see Drew and Margaux together, they just seem to have better chemistry together, but we’ll see where things go.

The same bodes for Chase and Willow. She is still crossing paths with Julian, and if anyone read the room they would notice something was awkward. The same can be echoed for Willow and Michael. That interaction between Michael, Willow, Kristina and Chase was so awkward and it was apparent, that Willow and Michael have a torch for one another, but nothing has transpired yet. I will give Chase credit for trying. I mean he did kiss Willow on New Year’s Eve, but it was apparent that she was thinking about Michael. It looks like only Michael knows what Willow is truly grappling with at the moment, and has not yet spilled the tea to the rest of Port Charles.

Now that the holidays are over, it seems a given that someone is going to discover that Kevin is actually Ryan. At first I thought it was going to be Laura or Carly, but let’s give the gold medal to Lulu because her investigative instincts are proving to be right, but it’s going to put the people she care about most in serious dangers. This story is kicking into full gear, with the potential for things to climax during May Sweeps if I’m being honest.