HOLLYWOOD—More than 100 protesters rallied on Monday, October 24 at the Electronic Arts Inc. headquarters in support of the SAG-AFTRA voice actors strike against video game companies.

SAG-AFTRA, also known as, the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists- declared a strike on Friday, October 21 against EA and 10 other video game companies after 19 months of unsuccessful negotiations.

Key issues in negotiations included refusal to acknowledge secondary compensation for re-use of actors, as well as transparency. SAG-AFTRA wants to prevent companies’ abilities to hire without identifying the game.

Ray Rodriguez, SAG-AFTRA’s Chief Contracts Officer said negotiations have lasted too long.

“It’s time for video game employers to take our concerns seriously and negotiate a modern contract based on actor safety, industry precedent and best practices,” said Rodriguez .

Chief Negotiator for the 11 companies, Scott J. Wiltin said the union had largely agreed on significant issues except on the label placed on Additional Compensation.

Under the strike order declared on October 21, SAG-AFTRA members are forbidden from working for the 11 companies involved: Activision Publishing, Blindlight, Corps of Discovery Films, Disney Character Voices, Electronic Arts Productions, Formosa Interactive, Insomniac Games, Interactive Associates, Take 2 Interactive Software, VoiceWorks Productions, and WB Games.