HOLLYWOOD─I knew the moment that it was announced that Sally Spectra was facing a serious illness on “The Bold and the Beautiful” that the notion that the iconic character (in my opinion) would be killed off, was not the case. For starters, the audience never discovered exactly what illness Sally was suffering from, just the fact that she only had a month to live, per Katie and Sally herself. Well, with Wyatt, Bill, Steffy, Ridge, and nearly everyone else that Katie would blab to discovered Sally’s predicament, it set the stage for what many thought was the reconciliation of Wyatt and Sally.

Wyatt wanted to be the heroic one and be by Sally’s side in her time of need, Flo was so stunned by the news she obliged. Well, the big bomb dropped with the revelation last week that Sally is FAKING her illness! Yes, Sally is not dying people; if anything one would argue she is enacting her revenge. Sally has been royally screwed since she stepped on the scene in Los Angeles. Between having her family business destroyed, her lover taken away from a lie, nearly dying in an explosion, reuniting with Thomas only to be burned by him yet again, to finding love with Wyatt, being dumped by Wyatt, rekindling with Wyatt, to being dumped by him again, the girl has not caught a break.

I mean it’s nearly justified in seeing Sally embrace her dark side to those who scorned her: Wyatt and Flo notably. Sorry, I hate the character of Flo Fulton, it’s like the writers were so hell bent on revitalizing the image of this character who stole her cousin’s baby and kept it hidden for months. Ok, so you donated a kidney to your aunt to save her life, but you only did it to save face. Give me a break already, if anything this is retribution for Hope and Liam for what this woman has done to them.

Sally totally hoodwinked everyone, but Flo suspects Sally might be faking her illness this will be interesting to see how this pans out. Dare I say we can see Thomas and Sally reunite because of their devious ways? One can only hope, those two were indeed good together. And after having his lies blown up in his face, we all know Thomas is just waiting for the moment to calculate his next plan to get vengeance.

There’s other big news people and it involves that kiss between Bill and Brooke and Quinn’s desire to be all things evil. I mean this woman has had more opportunities than anyone, beyond the countless times she tried to kill Liam, holding him hostage in a cabin, raping him and doing other heinous things, this woman should be locked up and have the key thrown away. However, she was given a chance, and Shauna’s video of Bill and Brooke’s kiss fell into the wrong hands.

Now, watching recent episodes, it was crystal clear that Shauna was NO WHERE near Brooke and Bill when that kiss first happened, as she was elsewhere. So I’m still trying to figure out how the hell she was able to record that video. The timeline just isn’t adding up people and that is a major flub in the writing department if you ask me. Shauna let Quinn get her hands on the video, which Quinn saved to her phone before uploading to a digital photo album where Donna learned what her sister has been up to.

Donna was stunned by the development, especially considering that Katie and Brooke have gotten past not one, but two occasions where Brooke messed around with her husband behind her back. I don’t think the third time will be a charm, and considering the dirty truth was exposed on a public display where Bridget, Brooke and Eric’s daughter saw it in all its glory was not good. Quinn was loving it, knowing she took Brooke down, but in the chaos, she issued heartbreak for Ridge and Katie, and made a new enemy in Bill Spencer, and forced Eric Forrester to realize his reformed wife is not who he thought her to be.

Bill is not someone you want to toy with Quinn, I mean look what he did to his own sons, do you really think he cares about you? Dollar Bill has been wanting to stick it to Quinn for years, and she may have finally given him a reason to do so, and I don’t think Quinn will see what is headed in her direction. She may have won the battle, but the war is far from over.

Oh, and we cannot forget the fact that Quinn spiked Brooke’s juice and Thomas is well aware of that incident. Quinn might have opened a door that she should have left closed because she’s not going to get the outcome she expected, especially with Katie and Ridge laying into Brooke and Bill. When you go to war you might win the battle, but you can ultimately lose the war.