HOLLYWOOD—It was bound to happen people. Sally Spectra is pregnant on “The Young and the Restless” and she has no idea who the father of her child could be. Is it Adam Newman or is it Nick Newman. Yeah, we have witnessed a similar tale between brothers. Remember that time Sage got pregnant and the audience didn’t know if the child belonged to Adam or Nick? Looks like a bit of déjà vu all over again.

Sally is in a spiral as she spilled the news to Chloe, who was certain the child belonged to Nick that was until Sally disclosed she slept with Adam in a moment of ‘closure.’ Yeah, if sleeping with someone you’re no longer with is a sign of ‘closure’ than I need my head examined because that logic makes no sense at all! There are two questions to be asked: 1) Will Sally keep the baby? 2) What does she plan to tell Nick and Adam? They’re both going to think they’re the father of the child and this can make things very contentious for the brothers who are already battling for the affection of the same woman.

I loved Adam and Sally together. Their chemistry was epic. When she hooked up with Nick I didn’t buy it at first, but I warmed up to it, so seeing them together would be fun people. I’ll admit it would be nice to see Nick victorious over his brother for once when it comes to getting the girl. With that said, a relationship hanging by a thread is Lily and Billy. The writers just need to end this. There is no chemistry between these two, and Lily is better paired with Daniel and Billy with Chelsea. The writing is on the wall for Chelsea and Billy who have gotten significantly close since he prevented her from taking her life several weeks ago.

Victoria is a bit jealous as she sees Connor and Johnny bonding. Hello Victoria, they are brothers, they are going to bond and you cannot stop or control that. However, the interesting development with Victoria appears to be her burgeoning relationship with Nate Hastings. It feels like a romance could be brewing between these two. Very interesting considering Nate is known for cheating on his significant other, and I wonder how Elena would respond if that occurred to her. Another romance I am looking at is the pairing of Sharon and Chance. I like where the writers are headed with this one, slow, but steadily building their friendship as Devon and Abby grow at the same time.

Will Devon and Nate ever be close again? Who knows, family is family, but if you were to ask me if they should go into business it would never happen if I’m being honest. No way no chance. Nate cannot be trusted on that front. I guess the last thing to talk about which is starting to bore me greatly is the Jeremy Stark, Diane Jenkins drama. Diane is deathly afraid of this man which has Kyle and Jack worried. Jack has gotten very close to his former lover, sharing a steamy kiss on New Year’s, just as Phyllis has found herself upset by Summer taking Diane’s side over hers.

Yes, Summer is facing major heat from Phyllis warning her daughter that she is making a mistake by aligning with Diane and I must agree. There is something Diane is keeping that she doesn’t want Kyle, Jack and the others to find out. Just sending Jeremy to prison is not enough to be rattled. He has something on her and I think it is quite big. I would love as a viewer to be clued in on this massive secret that is still being kept under lock and key people.

Diane and Jack has developed some sort of a plan to take care of Jeremy, but I sense the plan is not going to go the way they plan and Jeremy might gain more leverage than what Diane and Jack want. Viewers will just have to wait and see what happens here, just as Tucker is still sleeping with Audra while wooing Ashley, who has no idea that Tucker is playing her once again.  When the truth is revealed it should be fun on “Y&R.”