WESTWOOD—While standing at the corner of Wilshire Blvd and Veteran Ave in Westwood on August 12, protestors who work in the beauty, hair and nail salon industry, wore proper face masks, peacefully protesting against restrictions placed upon their establishments during the Coronavirus pandemic.

They held up signs and yelled loudly, as passing cars honked their horns in support of their demands.

According to reporters on the scene, the protestors complained that people are allowed to wait in line at stores, and go to restaurants to eat, but not go inside of a salon to get their hair and nails done, or get a facial.

They also pointed out how a lot of talking doesn’t take place between the stylist, and the customers, which experts on the disease say leads to spreading of the virus between individuals standing less than six feet apart, per CDC warnings.

The workers said they haven’t worked in several months, which has left them unable to pay for their rent along with other essential needs. Apparently, it has forced some of them to dip into their savings, as well.

Many even made the case that, due to their training, along with science and data amassed from their own research, their jobs are just as safe as any other indoor establishment where people are allowed to go.

“The data says salon infection rate is .003% versus the general public,” said one man. A woman declared, “We’re properly trained. 1600+ hours in disinfection and sanitation. It’s just beyond me. We’re as clean as a hospital.” Another woman pointed out, “We have dealt with AIDS and Hepatitis C and many, many types of contagious diseases.”

When asked if their jobs can be done outside, similar to what restaurants do, when customers come to eat, the workers said it would be too expensive and impractical.

These workers protesting have made it clear that they don’t know what will happen next, as they wait for a decision by Governor Newsom and Mayor Garcetti.