HOLLYWOOD—There was a major bombshell dropped in Salem not too long ago, our beloved Will Horton who was last seen on screen back in 2015 after becoming the third victim of The Necktie Killer aka Ben Weston is NOT DEAD! Yes, Ben crashed Abby, Chad, Paul and Sonny’s double wedding to drop the bomb that left Sonny reeling, Paul in awe and residents of Salem wondering if Bill’s admission is true. Well, it looks like there is plenty more to the story, only its Ben’s father Clyde, who knows the truth not Ben.

Don’t you just love a good flashback, I know I do. It was in a flashback sequence, that Clyde alluded to his son that he did not kill Will when he suspected he strangled him to death with a necktie. There is some frustration with this puzzle people; Clyde was carted off before he could divulge additional details on precisely what happened to Will, however, Kate was able to get her former flame to divulge that he learned the news of Will’s survival from Dr. Rolf. Yes, that Dr. Rolf people, the guy who secretly worked behind the scenes with the great Stefano DiMera to cause utter chaos on so many residents of Salem.

Usher in Sonny’ obsession with discovering the truth because I would probably react in the same way if someone told me someone I suspected who was dead, was actually alive. There is still plenty of mystery behind Will’s demise and precisely where he is being held captive. So when Kate revealed the news to Marlena, John, Hope and Rafe, it was clear a call had to be made to Sami Brady to disclose the news. Well, there is no entrance, like an entrance from the great Sami B. Just as Paul and John decided to exhume Will’s body to confirm if he really is alive or not, she halted those plans with an iron fist. You can say a lot of things about Sami, but the one thing people should be wary of is coming after her children. She will NOT tolerate it in any capacity people.

So with Sami back in Salem, her interactions with Lucas and Chad were tons of fun America. I mean Sami was livid to watch Lucas spiral out of the control with his drinking. Yeah, he has indeed hit rock bottom America. However, one of her biggest foes is making her exit from Salem. Yes, we have known for months that Arianne Zucker would be exiting her role as Nicole on the soap, and this week audiences bid adieu to Nicole for now. Why? She went with her heart, sleep with Eric, betrayed Brady, who fought to throw her in the slammer if she did NOT leave town and break Eric’s heart along the way.

At first, I thought what Brady was doing was evil, but when I reflect back to things, Brady has literally been tortured by his past loves including Theresa, Kristen, Chloe and now Nicole people. Brady really has been unlucky in love and when he finds himself betrayed time and time and time again by women can you blame the guy for lashing out a bit? It sucks that this is happening because Brady might be tempted to drink yet again, and we already know his past with addiction has never been squeaky clean. This latest betrayal from Nicole is certain to send him down another dark path people.

I know plenty of you want me to discuss this ‘double’ or ‘fake out’ tale, but I refuse. It is utterly ridiculous and makes absolutely no sense. I mean you’re talking about someone who has missed quite a few episodes of “Days of Our Lives” and I IMMEDIATELY spotted a fake as soon as she appeared on screen. I mean I get writing a series to leave a bit of mystery, but the characters in Salem cannot be that stupid. I mean these people are so not themselves they should immediately be able to pick up on such things. Adrienne is aloof aka Bonnie, and the fact that the real Adrienne has been fighting like hell to get sprung from the coop is much fun.

Sami has a long list of enemies and Adrienne aka Bonnie is on that list people, so the confrontation between those two ladies was quite a bit of fun. I’m just hoping Sami’s visit to Salem is not one that is short-lived. This is an iconic character who delivers riveting narrative and acting without a hiccup.