SANTA MONICA—After nearly three decades with the city of Santa Monica, Assistant City Manager Elaine Polachek announced that she will be retiring in July 2017.

Polachek made the announcement on March 10 while being recognized by the Santa Monica Organization of Women Leaders (OWL) at its 2017 International Women’s Day Breakfast. She received an OWLie Award for being a trailblazing woman in labor and business

As Assistant City Manager, Polachek oversees “day-to-day administration, supervision, and coordination of 11 departments. She focuses on developing, enhancing, and sustaining relations with community and neighborhood organizations, and key city business partners such as the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Downtown Santa Monica, Inc., and the Pier Corporation,” noted the city of Santa Monica in a press release.

Assemblymember Richard Bloom picked Polachek as the 50th Assembly District’s Woman of the Year in 2016. She was awarded the John H. Nail Award from the League of California Cities City Managers’ Department in 2014.

In  her 27 years with the city, Polachek also served as the Deputy City Manager, Director of Community Maintenance, and Open Space Manager. Previously, she was with the Pacific Design Center as the Vice President of Marketing and with the Pier Restoration Corporation as the Operations Manager.

During her time with the Pier Restoration Corporation, she was influential in its redevelopment after a large part of the pier was torn away during the 1983 storms.

“When I came to Santa Monica in the summer of 1984 looking for a job, it never occurred to me that I would spend my career here. I was living with my sister in the Valley and my goal was just to find cooler weather.  But stay I did, and my luck and timing were impeccable.  And whatever comes next for me, it will build upon the relationships and support I have received throughout my career,” Polachek said.

The city will begin an executive search for the Assistant City Manager position.