SANTA MONICA— This past week, Active Barbers, a local business in Santa Monica, was cutting hair out in the bright streets of the city. Active Barbers’ initiative to move outside falls within the new COVID policy that inhibits indoor businesses. The move comes after stricter reopening guidelines were imposed on businesses this past month. 

On July 13, Governor Newsom rolled-back on reopening plans after there was a spike in COVID cases across the state. He ordered all indoor dining, places of worship, gyms, and hair salons to close indefinitely. Active Barbers was one of the businesses affected by the governor’s decision to re-close the state.

On July 21, Active Barbers posted a picture on Instagram, showcasing their decision to cut hair out on the sidewalks. The barbershop’s innovative operation is inside the new guidelines of The California Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency. The guidelines state the business must: allow a tent or canopy to be used to shelter from the sun, as long as no more than one side is closed; ban the use of chemicals outdoors, which means shampoo and coloring treatments are not allowed; ban services that would require a customer to enter the salon’s building. 

Active Barbers is located 2509 Wilshire Blvd and is open for business. Their phone number for reservations is 310-405-1781.