SANTA MONICA—Beginning on Friday, October 7, residents, workers, and visitors to Santa Monica are encouraged to participate in a car free initiative. Individuals are asked to use the city’s alternate forms of transportation to go about their day, an effort called Car Free Friday, as part of a larger citywide initiative dubbed GoSaMo.

This initiative aims to educate, equip, and excite people about making the most of the new mobility opportunities the beach side community has to offer. In doing so, Santa Monica will maintain and promote one of its five strategic goals with the GoSaMo initiative including enhancing mobility and easing congestion.

Participants can reach out to in order to receive Car Free Friday posters and materials for businesses, offices, and schools. Businesses are encouraged to put up GoSaMo stickers to become part of a local wayfinding program meant to assist customers and passersby find the nearest Big Blue Bus stop, Expo Station, or Breeze Station.

Those going without a private vehicle this Friday can heighten awareness of the effort through using the hashtags #CarFreeFriday and/or #GoSaMo to create social media buzz for the environmentally friendly plan.

The city of Santa Monica states: “By providing incentives, tips, and support for you to walk, bike, or bus once a week, we hope to make it easy and safe for you to make the shift to being car-free and carefree more often.”

For more information on Car Free Friday, visit