SANTA MONICA—A Los Angeles CEO is being accused of animal cruelty after video shows a man beating a dog inside an elevator in a Santa Monica residential building, Santa Monica police said on September 11. 

The report and video first appeared on the Daily Mail. Although the Santa Monica Police Department did not identify the man seen in the video, the Daily Mail identified the man as Jeffrey Previte, 46, CEO of L.A.-based environmental consulting firm EBI Consulting. The incident reportedly happened on August 22.

The police was first alerted to the incident on September 4, when it “received information regarding a potential animal cruelty incident” at the ‘Seychelle’ Condominium on 1755 Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica. 

According to the publication, the concierge of the building witnessed the attack and showed the video to police. Previte told the Daily Mail the concierge was “extorting” him with the footage.  

The Animal Services Unit of the department were then provided with video of the incident and information on the man involved. Officers attempted to contact Previte to locate him and check on the well-being of the dog, but were unable to do so until the next day, September 5, when police spoke to Previte via telephone.  

Police said it obtained “images showing the dog was still in his care” and that “additional followup on the case was conducted to check on the condition of the dog in the video.” According to a Santa Monica police press release, Animal Services Officers are working with Previte and local authorities “to have the dog evaluated by a veterinarian.”

With the information collected by Animal Control Officers on September 4 and 5, Santa Monica police detectives have received their reports and will present the case to the District Attorney’s Office “for consideration of violation 597(a) of the California Penal Code, Malicious Mischief Against an Animal/Animal Cruelty.”

Police are asking everyone with any information pertaining to the case call 310-458-8451 or by email to