SANTA MONICA—The city of Santa Monica issued a revision in their declaration of a local emergency that further details the use of outdoor areas for commercial space while allowing fees to be collected for businesses using space in the public right of way, as stated in a press release on Wednesday, August 19.

The 18th supplement allowed for retailers, restaurants, and businesses to temporarily expand their services to adjacent sidewalks, streets, and private properties with the owner’s consent due to COVID-19 orders restricting indoor use of space. The now third revision to the 18th supplement “authorizes additional uses of outdoor space and provides greater clarity to local businesses around furnishings and materials as outdoor dining, retail, and services expand,” states the press release.

The revised supplement adds movable tables, chairs, electric cordless and decorative lighting, and floor coverings to the approved outdoor furnishings, as well as providing guidelines for canopies and umbrellas. Propane heaters are allowed as the restaurant has or obtains a permit from the Santa Monica Fire Department. Table lamps using liquid fuels are not allowed.

The supplement will be in effect for the duration of LA County’s Safer At Home Order, plus an additional 30 days. In order for businesses to utilize the expanded adjacent areas, they must either enter an encroachment agreement or obtain a permit from the city of Santa Monica.

All decks in both parklets and private property must meet deck standards, as the supplement orders. Tables and chairs may be left outside after hours as long as they are secured against the building and leave five feet of sidewalk access.

The supplement allows Santa Monica to obtain monthly fees from businesses temporarily operating in the public right of way after November 1, as long as 30 days notice is given.

Businesses violating the restrictions for operating in a public right of way may be fined $500 for a first violation, $750 for a second violation, and $1000 for any subsequent violations. All businesses using public right of way space must enter into a new agreement with the city of Santa Monica by September 7, when the second revised 18th supplement was scheduled to expire.

For the application to renew temporary outdoor use click here.