SANTA MONICA- On Tuesday, November 24, the city of Santa Monica announced that they will be expanding their curbside pickup zones and other business recovery measures.

Santa Monica approved a supplement to the city’s local emergency, which includes activation of the unused portion of the parking lane on Main street and expanded curbside pickup zones, as well as moving additional recovery measures forward.

The supplement authorizes Santa Monica to enter into temporary encroachment agreements with the city’s non-restaurant businesses that submit an application to make use of the unused portions of the parking lane on Main Street where K-rails have been placed. Curbside pickup zones will be temporarily expanded by allowing the use of on-street parking spaces as long as there are no metered spaces close to the business. The permit fee for tents larger than 400 square feet will be waived for any special event permit that is filed with the Santa Monica Fire Department.

The supplement also authorizes voluntary temporary disconnection of water service for commercial property accounts upon a temporary $208.00 disconnection fee. The supplement also extends the suspensions of water service shut off and the imposition of late payment fees for delinquent water, sewer, and recycling collection bills through March 31, 2021.

“The City of Santa Monica is committed to working with our local businesses to expand use of the public space, offer free permits, and advocate for the financial relief only federal stimulus can provide. As the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health order takes effect temporarily closing outdoor dining, we ask our community to please continue rallying around beloved local businesses by buying local through takeout, curbside, and delivery options.” Interim City Manager and Director of Emergency Services Lane Dilg said in a statement.