SANTA MONICA—As of June 7, The Santa Monica Firefighters Association have established the Looney Family Fund to help the Looney family resume life after the death of their 2 year-old son, Noah.

The Looney family came to California to visit the beach from their Las Vegas home; as they were passing through McClure Tunnel, which connects the Santa Monica 10 Freeway to the Pacific Coast Highway, they were struck by a speeding vehicle at 12:35 p.m. on June 6.

Little Noah was killed in the crash and one of the other children suffered a severe injury, while other family members sustained mild to moderate injuries, according to the Santa Monica Fire Department.

Santa Monica firefighters met with the family on June 8 and presented them with $500 to help out with immediate needs of food and clothing. They will be checking in with the family over the next few days to provide assistance with “home cooked meals” from the fire house.

The firefighters began the fund with $1,000. To donate to the Looney family, a cash or check can be made out to: SMFF – Looney Family, 22 Hollister Avenue,Santa Monica, CA 90405; or a Chase Bank account transfer can be made to account #3095918057. To answer and questions contact Battalion Chief Mark Bridges by phone at: 805-990-1497 or by email at: